What we do

We pride ourselves on knowing the new tools as well as the classical science behind market research.

We always look forward, our research-on-research and true innovation stands us apart from the crowd. We are always busy with repeat work, but always find
time for new clients.

This is how we help the world’s major brands…

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    Expert Full Service research & consultancy

    We ask & we listen, then we design & deliver the optimal programme of research for your brand.
    Our research teams ensure you, your colleagues & your brand are happy throughout.
    We are multi-channel, multi-media, multi-mode, multi-country researchers.
    Ad Hoc & Tracking; Projects, Panels & Programmes.

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    Large scale panels & programmes

    We are happy to deliver niche projects, but love big programmes and longer-term monitoring & tracking.
    We also introduced Europe to online panels, including the global Opinion-People™ panel
    & the BusinessWeek Advisory Board.

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    Modern digital & mobile methods

    Skopos stands out as an insight innovator & the optimum partner for digital/online/mobile research.
    Our award-winning white papers & research-on-research have always led thinking in this area.
    Which in turn had led us to become accredited trainers on matters of panels/online/mobile.
    Skopos pioneered the use of technology for research, & continues to innovate today.
    Our toolkit now includes Beacon technology for retail/POS/on-site research; Automated On-Screen Video Interviews; In-App Surveys; etc.

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    Skopos Triangulation™

    We always like to look forward, and to think holistically. Total Data, Triangulated Truth, 360 Insight.
    We are now leading the way in the integration of Analytics and Social data with that of research.
    View details of our work for Royal Mail including integration of website analytics and social media data…

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    SOS+™ : Supported Online Self-Service

    DIY or Full Service. Zero cost or big budget. We can help with all, but over time we have evolved our unique SOS+ service.
    SOS+ is implemented where Brands have either a burning desire to under take projects/panels themselves, or limited budgets, or both.
    We install our online survey software at the client & train the personnel, then provide help, support AND resource whenever require
    Best of both worlds!

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