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We are Skopos.

Market Research Consulting Group based in London and across Europe.

Insight with Imagination, calculated to meet the needs of the world’s major brands.

Risk-free and Rewarding Research based on the strongest Relevance and Relationships.

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Skopos Star

We have more than once been put on a pedestal…

2 x winners of Best Practice Award at International Online Research Conference

Innovation Accolade for ‘RealityResearch’ at MRS Conference

Innovation Accolade for Vodafone Case Study at BIG Conference

Presentation Accolade at ESOMAR Congress for joint paper with Ask Jeeves

European Acclaim for Skopos MTrack™ (Mobile Impact) Study

Accredited MRS Company Partner & ESOMAR Member

Data Protection Act registered & compliant

ISO Accredited Panel & Software

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Modern Market Research that Matters…

We pride ourselves on knowing the new tools as well as the classical science behind market research.
We always look forward, & our research-on-research & true innovation stands us apart from the crowd.
We are always busy with repeat work, but always find time for new clients.
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